Starting with its trading and industrial adventure in 1954 , Mr.Ekrem Kurtulus has established the EMAY Engineering in 1995 .

     With devotedly and continuously developing profile now the EMAY Engineering continues its facilities in two industrial areas one with 850 m2 for Engineering and RND and the other 5200 m2 for Elevator Doors .

     EMAY is a dynamic and customer oriented company who has devoted itself for being a leader in mold manufacturing , steel works , mechanical devices and giving RND solutions to its customers .

     Working with leading main industrial companies EMAY has achieved a strong place in rapidly developing and highly competitive World market . Working with main automotive industry for more than 15 years and giving support for mold design and steel work solutions has made the company to become one of the indispensable company for creating solutions . This has granted our customers ability to compete and grow in global market .

EMAY Engineering has always been a customer oriented company . Knowing its institutional and ethic responsibilities towards its customers .